Hello friends, I`m Tina from Utah, and I`m glad to see you interested in education. If you`re reading this, it means you`re head over heels into writing process or experience problems with your thesis… No matter which one it is, I feel your struggle and share your pain. A year ago I had experienced the same issue when was finishing my dissertation paper up to graduate as an Mgr in English literature from the Utah Valley University. I had to define and combine the commons in Shakespeare, Orwell, and Dickens`s masterpieces, with all the examples. I wasn’t that interested in literature and I didn’t have much clue on how to write something that would be highly scored by my professors. Those three months were the darkest and the hardest period of my university life, as I didn’t imagine anything but a minimum of 91% score for my dissertation. I was spending days-n-nights with books and my laptop. And do you know what? The dedication and the done job worth it. As for now, I am a part of a talented and fast developing team of writers in a marketing media agency; I run my own blog; I still have time to help students with their dissertations and give private lessons on writing and formatting. I hope the job I do here makes you inspired and helps you. Keep up with me not to miss a single new post. Of course, if you hold a dream to graduate from your school with a flying colors.