These are the most popular questions my followers keep asking via e-mails. How about a clean-n-clear view on me and my educational life in the question-answer form?

– Where do you live now? Where do you work? Do you travel outside of the States?

I still live in Utah not far away from my parents. I work for a British company as a freelancer so I have a lot of opportunities to live whatever place I want. Yes, I do travel outside of the US, but mostly to the UK, as my company locates not far away from Manchester.

– Why didn`t you stop with the Bc degree and applied for the Mgr?

I felt like I wasn`t fully sure I had enough knowledge at the time when I was finishing my BC studies. I thought I should give a try and see how it might go. And it went perfect for me. Do I regret spending two more year in school? Surely no. The UVU is the greatest place to study English literature.

– How long did it take you to write down your thesis? How BC and Mgr thesis were different for you?

They both required a lot of time and dedication. I couldn’t say they varied a lot. But without doubts, the Mgr work was more complicated. It was bigger, required more sources, more samples, more time and more attention. In general, after you complete your Mgr paper you would be capable of completing any writing assignment anytime.