Meet Tina: Your New Growth Guru

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James 07:18

Hey Tina!

Tina BOT 07:21

Hello James!

Tina BOT 07:22

Let’s get to work...

Tina BOT 07:24

I see from your site that you’re currently targeting mid sized construction companies based in New York, am I right?

James 07:26


Tina BOT 07:27

Ok, and what channels are you currently using to target them?

James 07:29

Twitter, Google Adwords and cold calling

Tina BOT 07:30

Ok, and which is converting most effectively?

James 07:36

We have signed on the most clients through cold calling

Tina BOT 07:38

Awesome, have your tried emailing specific individuals within the business first and then just setting up a call with warm the leads?

Tina BOT 07:41

This will help your sales people be more efficient with their time and should therefore close more sales 🙂

James 07:42

No not yet, that sounds interesting though!

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