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How it Works

1. You install the widget
2. Your visitor pays to call you
3. Your phone rings, and you get paid to answer it

What it Costs

AskTina is free!

There's no cost for an account, to install the widget, for either the iOS or Android app, nor is there a charge to receive calls.

We simply take a 15% commission.

A paid plan is available at $39 per month which reduces commission to 5%

Why are we doing this?

At AskTina, we believe that the professional bloggers who write and share original ideas should be rewarded based on their ability to enlighten and educate, not just by their ability to attract brief attention.

Tom Hunt
Founder, AskTina

Who Uses It

I removed Intercom to add my AskTina Widget!

Paul O'Brien, Startup Marketing Expert,
Austin TX

Your Widget has so much potential

Óscar Rodicio, Language Expert,
London UK

I migrated my site to Wordpress so I could add the AskTina Widget